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sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 Free MSN

Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 Free (MSN 2011), formerly known as Messenger 2010, for the first time breaks with the classic design of Messenger to date: a window with contacts who can then interact.

Instead, the Windows Live Messenger 2011 is expanded to bring together under one roof the activities of your contacts on social networks like Facebook or MySpace, as well as your contacts themselves. Never before could have such "controlled" to your friends.
Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 Free MSN

Therefore not surprising that the appearance of Windows Live Messenger 2011, with tabs included, is one of the major developments: even the emoticons have had a facelift, with new signings included. However, the changes in Windows Live Messenger 2011 does not end there.

With Windows Live Messenger 2011, sharing data with your contacts is child's play. The photographs (from your computer, websites or online albums) are shown in a nice shared view. In addition, Windows Live Messenger 2011 can not only send voice clips: now you can also send video clips.

In short, Windows Live Messenger 2011 is, finally, a completely new version in both the appearance and the concept, which is only blame its incompatibility with Windows XP.
Developer: Microsoft OS: WinVista/7

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