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domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

Download Skype Free

Download Skype Free is the best free application telephone calls and video calls over the Internet. With a microphone and headphones can talk to friends and relatives living across the globe or in your neighborhood. And with some money, Skype also works as a normal phone.

To call someone, add them as a contact and then double-click on his name: Skype will contact the other computer, if the other person picks up, the call will take place. The sounds and Skype buttons are very similar to those of a phone, so ease of use is absolute.
Download Skype Free

Skype not only allows voice calls between computers but also between your computer and a phone either. To do this you need to add credit to your Skype account, a safe and easy. Skype rates are quite competitive and beyond the call quality, sometimes the conventional lines.

Beyond the voice, is the video: Skype 5 supports up to ten people see in one video conferencing session. Each video frame is displayed on Skype elegant blue background. Invite others to Skype videoconferencing as simple as clicking on "Add people" and select the contact.

In the Skype contacts tab you will see what is available to chat, have moved away from the PC or are busy. One click and you will see the recent chat history, and missed calls. Got friends on Facebook? Skype 5 show their phone numbers and news.

Skype is the new phone. The fifth version, with video conferencing group, social network integration and an even more pleasant, Skype makes light years ahead of its competitors.
License: Free
Developer: Skype
Language: English
OS: WinXP/2003/Vista/7

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