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sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Download iTunes 11.0.4 Freeware Version Program

iTunes is Apple's music player, an all in one serving as a manager for your music collection, store songs, movies, e-books and applications for iPhone and as an essential tool to manage your iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) .

Features: Catalog, Store and Apple Device Manager
Music Library

The main function of iTunes is to keep your music organized. No matter where a disc, iTunes will show you the cover of the album and allow you to play from the same window. And while a song is playing, you can add songs to the playlist without switching windows.
If you have many songs in your collection, iTunes will help you find them using the integrated search. In addition, the History will tell you what songs you heard before.

Manager for your iPod, iPhone and iPad
The second function that offers iTunes is managing your iOS device. When connected to iTunes via WiFi or via USB cable, iTunes will help you manage the content to add or remove songs, videos, podcasts, ebooks or applications, besides allowing you to upgrade the version of iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

iTunes Store
iTunes is also used to buy media: music, videos, eBooks, apps ... All this with a mouse click. Using an Apple account, you can purchase free and paid content will be available both on your Mac / PC with iTunes installed and in your iOS devices.

In iTunes you can find many more features such as ripping and burning CD / DVD, streaming radio stations, playlists and parental controls to restrict the content your children.
Usability: A unique window into all content
iTunes offers a lot and displayed as visual as possible. While not always what you want is in the foreground, with a little snooping find when all its functions. Change your music library to your collection of podcasts or go to the iTunes store is easy through the sidebar. From the main window you have everything at your fingertips, and if you need to find something, just go to the upper right and type in what you want.
Quality: Apple Style
ITunes has been created by Apple is the first time you start it up. The apple top bar chairs the centerpiece of the program, which will display the songs played.

iTunes takes care of the aesthetic details with a unique window design changes based on the section in which you are determined by the top bar.

The image highlights at all times, with huge album covers and application icons that look from afar. To this we must add the thumbnails of the videos and the different views available to see in one way or another your content.
Conclusion: All in one
Music player and organizer, manager of Apple devices, multimedia shop ... iTunes has become a challenging program that offers many amenities and with good results.

Of course, iTunes fails in the details, solvable with such alternatives as iTools, but generally does the job, with news updated often.

If you need to bring order to your music, organize the content of your iPhone / iPad and grab the latest albums and movies in iTunes will find a world of possibilities.
Recent changes
ITunes 11.0.1 Changes:
The new purchases in iCloud not appear in the library if you have iTunes Match enabled
Search more sensitive with large libraries
Finding duplicates (function recovered from iTunes 10.x)

Change iTunes 11:
Redesigned interface
homogenize redesigned iTunes Store with iOS versions
Play purchases from iCloud (music, movies, ...) in the library
List below to see what sound and adding new songs
Redesigned mini player
Enhanced search results as you type
Play music or video where you left off on another device, using iCloud
iTunes supports the following formats

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Download iTunes 11.0.4 Freeware Version Program

Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Freeware Version

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most used applications in the Office suite and digital presentations synonymous. Much of the success is due to its versatility and ease of use.

In this new version, Microsoft PowerPoint has sought to maintain a balance between the many developments and look recognizable and accessible to any user. To do this, keep the Ribbon interface started in 2007, fully customizable according to your needs.
Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Freeware Version

The many common features of Microsoft Office join themselves to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and adds others, like new transitions, animations, and advanced image editing videos to make your presentations more attractive than ever.

In addition, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 also has optimized the preparation of slide shows, and the means to share: now you can export to a video synchronized with your explanations, and upload them to the Internet using the SharePoint feature to be accessible anywhere .

The ideal balance between almost limitless functions and ease of use, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 make the option to choose for any user to create presentations, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Note on Microsoft PowerPoint
Note: Microsoft no longer offers a trial version of Office 2010. You can download the trial version of Office 2013 or purchase a product key Office 2010 from an authorized dealer and use it with the download we offer.

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viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

Download Minecraft Free

Minecraft is a building game, adventure and survival. Its large freedom of action and the ability to customize with skins and mods give this game of life is almost infinite.
Functions: a world tailored to you and your friends
Minecraft Each game will take you to a world composed of cubes in which you must collect materials. With them you can make objects of different nature, with which you will be easier to speak fluently and prosper.

The key to progress in Minecraft is in the workbench: an object that can build almost at the beginning and that lets you create blocks, weapons and mechanisms of all kinds ... if you have the ingredients, of course. To know you can dip into the Game Wiki or complementary programs.

To add excitement to Minecraft, at night and in dark places like caves and temples, a series of hostile creatures who will try to end your life: zombies, spiders, skeletons and other more bizarre bugs as Creepers and Endermen will have to deal with your equipment.

Minecraft has two single player modes called Survival and Creative. The difference is that in the second're invincible and accounts with unlimited supplies to create and destroy blocks and enemies, which is ideal for creating large buildings and adventures.

Besides the single-player modes, Minecraft also has a multiplayer mode via online servers.

To play this so you have two choices: either you join a game created by another user, or create one yourself. Start your own games in Minecraft requires you to download before a server program, through which you can connect to multiple people and manage change suffered by the territory game.

If you want to set up a Minecraft multiplayer game, you can start taking a look at this tutorial.

About the skinpacks and mods
Besides everything already offers, Minecraft can also grow based skinpacks and mods.

The packages are compiled skinpacks new appearances for pails and game objects. So you can give textures easily from the stage the look you want. These packs are applied from a section of the game itself.

As for mods, it is more advanced and profound changes of Minecraft. In many cases integrated appearance changes, new characters and situations that simulate adventures in custom maps. To instarlar mods need to change some files from game to add maps, you can find more information at this link.
Gameplay: Mouse and Keyboard, your allies
The way to play Minecraft is very similar to that of any first-person shooter. The mouse and keyboard to control your character and your inventory, the latter helped by shortcuts using the keypad numbers.

Despite the simplicity of the menus, it's easy to access in Minecraft all you need at all times. The inventory is opened with a key, and you can drag and drop the objects as you would in any Diablo type RPG.

What I do in Minecraft frustrating is the lack of tutorials or guides in the game. Most of what you can hope for is to complete its successive achievements organized in a tree, but does not explain how to get them. You'll have to go to the web and check with other users.
Presentation: When the graphics are not important
The first printing Minecraft is not very good: the graphics are simple and are composed of cubes and simple shapes that make it look almost like a game of 90.

However, the graphic also contains high-quality details such as progressive enlightenment and the ability to install skins high resolution.

In any case, Minecraft would not be the same without its peculiar appearance nor its soundtrack or sound effects that sound little but do so in the most appropriate time.
Minecraft is a title that has drastically changed the landscape of independent game. Without argument or apparent mission, has managed to snag a million people have also been actively involved in its development by contributing ideas and experiences.

The strange thing is that behind simplistic appearance and lack of pretension, Minecraft hooked. A lot. If you want to check, you can try the Demo mode and tell us what you thought.
Recent changes
Demo Mode: You can play worlds for five days
New mineral: Emerald
Trade in villages
Added temples in jungles and deserts
Ability to write in books
Note on Minecraft
The client for offline play Minecraft Premium subscription required

Download Minecraft Free

viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Download Super Mario Bros 3 Free

Super Mario Bros 3 editable version is an adaptation of the classic PC Nintendo platforms you can enjoy just run, because it requires no installation.
Download Super Mario 3 Free

If you also want to design your own scenarios or even make some for friends, you can download a complete editor nivelesdesde here. The Level Editor Super Mario Bros 3 lets you create virtually any stage or edit existing ones.

Download Super Mario Bros 3 Free editable version also provides a good fit to PC graphics, but depends on the resolution, which is very low.

Note on Super Mario Bros 3

OS: Win XP
License: Free
Language: Spanish

sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 Free English shareware version

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is one of the most complete collections of programs aimed at drawing, design and image retouching.
Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 Free English

There are several dedicated programs, all of a formidable quality.

What is included?
- Corel DRAW for illustration
- Photo Paint for retouching a la Photoshop
- Capture to capture screen shots
- PowerTRACE to convert vector paths in
- Connect to manage media files on your computer.

added functions
Besides all this, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite includes other minor utilities for managing fonts and display photos as well as plenty of video and information support.

A collection of software that performs at full power for graphics on a professional level.

OS: WinXP/Vista/7
License: Trial Version
Language: English

Download Microsoft Word 2010 Free English trial version

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor today and an indispensable part of Microsoft Office.

Either from scratch or using the many templates available, Microsoft Word will help you create, edit and enrich texts with a wide range of complementary tools and content.
Download Microsoft Word 2010 Free English

Among other things, you can:

- Generate tables and graphs
- Create hyperlinks to websites
- Use predefined color schemes
- Insert images and screenshots

In Microsoft Word you will find a powerful ally in creating, editing and proofreading of documents on your computer. It incorporates the most used text formats, as well as their own and the ability to save text in PDF, or send email via Outlook directly after they are written.

Microsoft Word 2010 also includes a powerful proofreader, plus additional utilities to translate texts and review with your own records and personal notes.

In short, Microsoft Word is adapted to all tastes and needs, whether a simple note or a complex report with graphs and tables.

OS: WinXP/Vista/7
License: Trial Version
Language: English

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Download Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 Free the trial version 2012 1 link

Ashampoo Burning Studio is a 'suite' of comprehensive recording to burn your CD, DVD and now even dares to Blu-ray.

Let's look more closely at the offer of Ashampoo Burning Studio. Start with the basics in all recorder: recording / copying of disks. The first option of the program is to build yourself a collection of files and burn to CD, DVD or Blu-ray. But if you want to do is to copy one disk to another, then select the fifth option "Copy to CD / DVD / Blu-ray."
Download Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 Free the trial version 2012 1 link

records movies
As for movie recording, Ashampoo Burning Studio will let you create DVDs of your videos (must be present on the hard drive), create Video CDs and Super Video CD. Now includes a new video editing tool, which Ashampoo Burning Studio is not far behind other programs.

Record your audio collections
If what is the music moves you, Ashampoo Burning Studio offers several options: to create an audio CD with the music you have on your PC, burn an MP3 or WMA (for compatibility with MP3 players that support and / or WMA ) and, finally, extract music from audio CDs to pass to the PC.

Record images and backups
Finally, Ashampoo Burning Studio has two functions very interesting. The first is to create and burn disc images (typical ISO, BIN or CUE) and the second is used to create backups.

our opinion
Ashampoo Burning Studio is an easy to use, contains the necessary functions and many more. It is a complete solution for recording all kinds of audiovisual content and also has a carefully designed and renovated.

OS: WinXP/Vista/7
License: Trial Version
Buy: Softonic